Rock Climbing

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Rock Climbing with Ascending Path is an exhilarating experience that will be sure to be a memorable adventure for everyone. Rock Climbing trips are great for families and people of all abilities and ages. Technically experienced rock climbing guides teach everyone from first-timers to advanced climbers at Tram Rock a few minute walk from the Hotel Alyeska. Non-climbers may watch for free. This a top-roped climbing experience amidst the towering trees of temperate rainforest.


  • Trip is 3 hours
  • Departs: 10AM
  • Meet at the base of Alyeska Tram
  • Fun for ages 3 to 70+
  • Your Rock Climbing guide/instructor
  • All climbing gear including: helmet, harness, rock shoes, chalk bag, ropes and hardware
  • Granola bars/snacks and bottled waters

Bear ProtectionThis trip is great for families, groups and solo travelersTrip is weather dependent