Glacier Jet Ski Tours

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Touring the spectacular tidewater glaciers of Prince William Sound is even more thrilling when you do it on a jet ski. Alaska Whittier Wild Guides will take you to the area’s unique sights while you skim across the top of the water on your personal watercraft. Launch into a fun-filled adventure of viewing lively wildlife and glacier calving.

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Glacier Jet Ski Tours Duration Pricing Departure
Glacier Jet Ski Tour
April – September
Jet skis are outfitted with heated hand grips to keep your ride warm and enjoyable while you cruise through Whittier Harbour. 
4 Hours $340/rider + $180 Passenger (Children 10+) 12:00 p.m.
Shotgun Cove Shipwreck Jet Ski Tour
Pedal 5 miles each way during a rookery and waterfall exploration of Passage Canal, the Kittiwake Rookery and a historic shipwreck in Shotgun Cove. Spot seals and have a seashore lunch while learning about the Leschi, a steam sidewheeler washed ashore. 
6 Hours $250
2 passenger minimum.
10:00 a.m.

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