Fat Tire Biking

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Originating from Alaska, fat tire biking is prized for its easy manuvering around even and uneven terrain. With convenient acces to Girdwood, local shops and restaurants, bridge the outdoors with comfort as you venture across gliterring snow to Girdwood’s cozy attractions.

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Fat Tire Biking Trails  Rental Price
Girdwood Bike Path
Connects Alyeska to the rest of the Girdwood and Bird Bike Path following the Seward Highway. Paved and smooth with snow, making this path enjoyable for all skill levels. 
Full Day, Adult Sizes Only
Airport Loop Trail
Winter is riding season, beginning from the hotel and taking you to the woods to connect you with an airfield. Great for all abilities. 
Full Day, Adult Sizes Only
Winner Creek Trail 
With the sun sparkling off the trail and branches in the winter, biking from Hotel Alyeska to Crow Creek Mine via the Hand Tram is a winter wonderland half-day bike loop for a family – friendly ride. 
From the hotel trailhead, biking is allowed after the 0.7 mile marker.
Full Day, Adult Sizes Only

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